Top Six Issues

Representation and Restore the Republic

Unlike so many politicians that goes to Washington and becomes lost to the muck that is the swamp, I have a completely revolutionary idea. That is I want to live and serve in the district.

I want to hold far more town halls and teleconferences with my friends (constituents) than we have ever seen in the district. I also think that it is time to push for an internet way of serving in Washington. Basically start convening Congress via secured internet connection, instead of being live on the floor. This would include drafting and submitting legislation, committee hearings, and floor debates. This would save us as a people thousands, as well as boost instant communication with the people that we as Congress serves. 

Lastly because of partisan politics, and all of their rhetoric. Being independent, I can reach out towards the democrats on matters of Constitutional issues that they would agree with. I can also reach across the aisle with republicans on the constitutional issues that concerns them as well. 

I would very much like to team up with the freedom caucus, and wonderful representatives like Thomas Massey (whom I am already good friends with).  

Debt, Taxation, and Constitutional Law

With the alleged debt of at least 20 trillion dollars, and the rhetoric of a Balanced Budget Amendment (by the republicans). 

While both the republicans and the democrats has been spending like drunken sailors since about the time of 1913. I argue that the debt is far greater than 20 trillion dollars. 

Then if one counts up every bit of tax and or fee across the board. The average tax rate is 60% of our hard earned money. Which our founders fought a bloody revolution over taxation without representation. 

My solutions to these issues are simple. A strict observance to the Constitution. If something is not listed in Article One Section 8, then we should not funding it. There should be a maximum 10 year sunset clause inserted into current governmental programs, and full agencies completely abolished. 

Most importantly, we need to abolish the Federal Reserve Bank and default on the debt that we owe the Federal Reserve Bank. Making it that much easier to lower and abolish taxes, and pay off our other debts. 

We must look at defense spending as well, as well as bringing our troops home. We must end the foreign aid to all foreign nations. 

Restoring the US Constitution


First and foremost, we must first start applying the US Constitution. To do so I will strive to work across the aisle to both republicans and democrats with a loving hand of fellowship, and attempt to educate my fellow brothers and sisters in correct founding principles that made this country great. Similar to former Congressman Larry McDonald, Congressman Ron Paul, and current Congressman Thomas Massey.

I would also like to amend the US Constitution, to fully repeal both the 17th and the 16th amendments.       

Make America shine once more, like a shining city upon a hill.

Imagine a nation that the world respects, and for the most part is friendly with. Imagine a nation where the people are happy because they are free from all kinds of despotisms. Where the people are barely taxed, and there is little threat from the outside world. Where people are enjoying the four great freedoms, the freedom to buy, sale, try, and fail. 

Well here in our country, that used to exist for the most part, from the days of the founders till about 1913. You are most likely wondering what changed? Well it is simple. The darned politicians within both the republican and democrat parties. Creating both the 16th and the 17th amendments as well as the federal reserve act. Which allowed the expansion of government in every level imaginable. Either if it is taxes, regulations, illegal warfare, the surveillance state, and all other constitutional abuses. 

The solution is simple. We the people must start electing differently and have hope that united we can heal the sickness that has been plaguing our country for a very very long time. By thinking outside of the box we can finally start changing the Congress to be a Constitutional congress, instead of a bought out, gridlocked monstrosity that it has become. 


  I am a Type One diabetic, small business owner, who not only has not been able to have health insurance since I dropped off of my parent’s insurance plan in 2006. For the last couple of years, I have been barely scraping by like so many hard working Americans with my bills. 

I am also the type of principled conservative that will not seek for help from the government, since it is not only unconstitutional, but it is theft and simply wrong for government to steal from one through the means of taxation to give it to some complete stranger regardless if they need it or not. 

Since 2006 I have been paying cash, or thought of creative legal solutions for my own healthcare. For if there is a will, there is a way. Yes, it has not been cheap! Before Obamacare went into effect, my average cost for each bottle of insulin was around 100 dollars. Ever since Obamacare went into effect the average cost for each bottle of insulin jumped to at least double if not more. In fact according to my studies the overall cost of insulin and healthcare in general used to be so much cheaper before government decided to play the professional do-gooders and got involved, illegally may I add.

My solution would be multi-faceted. I want a complete repeal, and repeal only of Obamacare. I then want to push to completely restore the free market throughout all of the United States, coincided with a complete ban of corporate lobbyists entangling with government for their own special interest pocket books. 

Lastly I think that it is time to place a 10 year sunset clause on Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and any other healthcare government ran program out there. These solutions are not only a Constitutional ideas, but merciful as well. People has been struggling under the arm of Obamacare, and the reason as to why I would want a 10 year sunset clause in each of the other governmental programs is to cut the waste fraud and abuse, while caring for the absolute needy and destitute for ten years, giving enough time for families and an increase of non-profit organizations to step in and take care of the ones in need. I would also like to see the free market reign once more, in this industry, as well as pass tort reform.  

I believe in the goodness in people and in Americans. People will be taken care of once more, like they did before the professional do-gooders in government decided to get involved in the first place.    

Social Issues

To solve all of our social issues. All we need to do is to apply the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. 

Whereas issues like marriage, marijuana, and the various civil liberty issues would be mute and no longer be issues.  

First of all, marriage is a first amendment issue, government has no right to various religious marriage ceremonies between man and woman, or the Common Law contracts for marriage unions. 

The so called war on drugs since the seventies has been an illegal function of government, according to the constitution. It is strictly a State’s right issue. When it comes to natural plants that grows naturally such as Marijuana. I am not in favor of any form of governmental regulation and or taxation of that plant. When it comes to hemp. There should not be any regulation of hemp and or taxes on that plant. Both hemp and marijuana should be promoted for both medical and industrial purposes.

I am in favor of abolishing the NSA, CIA, HSA, TSA, or any other alphabet soup agency out there that violates the constitution in their very existence, the trampling that they currently do to the constitution. 

The USA Patriot Act must be repealed! The fourth amendment must be enforced, as well as our fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth amendments! Our political prisoners like the Bundy family must be released from prison! 

The federal government must hand over the land back to the States, and I would prefer that the States allow homesteading like days of old. The second amendment and state militias must be restored. Etc.   


I say abolish the Federal Reserve, and default on the debt that we owe them.