E Pluribus Unum


My background

I am a 18 year small business owner. Type One diabetic, who's been strangled with the burdens of government. Like most Americans.  

I've grown up as an old fashioned workaholic, with the mentality that private citizens are far more charitable, far more innovative, and far more efficient than government.   

I love reading the actual works of the founders of this nation and apply their wisdom into my personal and professional life. I love the gospel of Jesus Christ and strive to apply those sacred principles into my life as well. 

My favorite mottos to live by are "God, Family, Country." As well as "if there is a will there is a way." 

My top issues

1. To restore the Republic, and to fully represent Utah's Third Congressional District.

2. By fighting to reduce taxation, to reduce the debt; By defending the US Constitution to the fullest, no matter what. 

3. By Restoring the US Constitution. 

4. To make America shine once more, like a city shining on a hill.

5. To build consensus, from both sides of the aisle. Washington is broken.   

My involvement

I have been a political activist since 2008, lobbying for good legislation as well as fighting bad legislation. 

I ran for Provo City Mayor in 2013 as well as the Utah legislature in 2014 and 2016. I was Utah County Independent American Party Chair in 2014-2016, and Treasurer in 2017. As of June of 2017 the party saw fit to unanimously elect me as the State Chairman. As well as our candidate for the Third Congressional District.   

The state party as a whole has seen a massive growth since we gained ballot access in 2014.

The Independent American Party is now the third largest political party in Utah. 


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